Infographic Post

1. Upload an image of your infographic (either File>Export>Jpeg or use the snipping tool to capture)


2. Answer the following questions. . .

A. What is your chosen topic? What did you choose to title your infographic?

B. Describe your thought process: (Why did you choose the colors and images you did? How did you         choose to arrange this information with your text?)

C. Try and look at your design from an outsider’s view: Do you think it would make people interested in reading the information?

D. Are you proud of your final illustrator design? Do you feel fairly confident working with Adobe Illustrator? 

E. What was your favorite Illustrator project?

F. Have you had experience with Adobe Photoshop before? If so, when?

G. What project/topic would you want to create before the end of the semester?



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