02 Minimal Movie Poster

For this project, you will design a set of three minimal posters (movie, tv show or book) by creating a simplistic image that could serve as an icon for the movie (tv show or book).

Brainstorm your favorite movies, tv shows, and books. From your list, brainstorm main characters, colors, key scenes, your favorite scenes, objects, or outfits from that movie. You cannot create a poster that already exists. Perhaps they would be things you would have to see the movie to understand.

1.Create a Minimal poster of a Character from your chosen television show, movie, or book. woody-toy-story-iphone-wallpaper fa00021cd63b79a53fc567e981737dde

2.Create a Minimal movie poster with an object that represents a scene from your chosen television show, movie, or book.

5051aac72221a17002ca3f14165c7570 4b93add4caa1fe41a1de385ab018e3e7

3.Create a Minimal poster with an image within an image from your chosen television show, movie, or book.


As you work, take a look at the examples for inspiration. Usually the background is a solid color. If a poster already exists and you still want to do that movie, select different images to use – do not copy! Create something that has not been created before. Think about having an interesting viewpoint and not showing the “whole” picture.


darjeeling limirrteddarjeeling limited2darjeeling limiteddarjeeling limited4


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