Logo Project

Overview: For this project you will be using Adobe Illustrator to create multiple logos to represent yourself as a designer. You will use this logo as a banner for your blog and use it as a stamp on future projects. You will create a total of 4 different logos:  1 lettermark (monogram), 2 symbolmarks, and 1 combination mark.  Use your knowledge about logo design, gradients, Minimalism (simple shapes). You can have all 4 logos in one web document.


Try combining your initials in interesting ways.

dc4c7da455bd6ecda16e88a44f34fb8c 71139b056a69a89025df43480e75a87b348d650aa8855cb1ee0ec5d6ba35b59200



Brainstorm/think about about your clothing style (signature boots, stripes, floral pattern, hat, etc.), unique characteristics (curly hair/freckles/glasses frames, lipstick, etc.), Talents/hobbies/interests, things you are drawn to/like (hot air balloons, monarch butterflies, sunflowers, snowboarding, etc.). Think about how you could incorporate that into your design.



Combination Mark

This design should include your name and a graphic (different from your symbolmark and lettermark above)

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8f6e8db572d68dc9c9212344ecfa806aScreen shot 2012-01-24 at 10.27.32 PM


<About Logos:>

Logo – A unique identifying symbol that embodies everything a brand or group signifies.

Wordmark – A name spelled out using unique typography or lettering.

canon-logo disney-logo ebay-logo images imgres Sharpie url Visa-logo

Lettermark – Logo is created using initials of the brand name.


Symbol mark – Abstract or nonrepresentational visual or pictoral visual.

Combination mark – A combination of words and symbols.

300px-Harley-Davidson.svg Adidas-Logo-e1326914772269 elmers-logo-design


Content/Subject: You will gain an understanding of the role and purpose of logos, as well as the parts and expressive qualities of different fonts. You will be able to create an interesting and effective logo using Illustrator.
Design/Composition: You will gain a basic understanding of Elements of Art: Line, Shape, and Space. You will be able to explain the difference between positive and negative space, and create a balance between the two in your design.
Technique/Craftsmanship: You will understand how to use the basic functions of Illustrator and how to create clean design. You will also be able to size a document and upload it correctly.
Blog: You need to create a new page on your blog named “01: Logo Design.” On this page, you will upload your work and explain the work you did on your logo. You must include three different logos you created, plus the final one you chose and developed.


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