Name your layers!
Remove background from image: 147-148
Opacity: 157
Gradient Layer: 154
Blending Modes:157
Layer Style: 159-161
Drop Shadow: 164
Change size of object/image: Edit> Free Transform
Selections: page 106
Changing colors of images: 71-73
Flatten File: 166 (when you are completely finished with your project)


Welcome Back!

Today is a work day on Photoshop lessons 2, 3a, 3b, 3c, and 4. If you haven’t yet, have me check your work for completion points. When you are done with the lessons, familiarize yourself with copyright laws and fill out the copyright worksheet (

If you finished today. Try some photoshop/illustrator tutorials at or other sites of yoru choice. I have a few links below for you or discover your own!

Realistic Fried Egg Painting Tutorial in Photoshop

Realistic Hair Painting in Photoshop

Intro Into Photoshop

Read through the brief introduction to workspaces, documents,  common tools, and features of Adobe Photoshop CS3. Use the following link to label the tools in the Tool Pallette and feature of the Layers Panel and explain what they do:


Helpful material for Photoshop: