Graphic Arts Final Project


3 Phase Project


You will be creating a total of 3 images that incorporate the lyrics of a chosen song and a band in designs that communicate subjects, ideas, or feelings related to that song. Your images will demonstrate your Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills you developed throughout the semester.

Phase 1:  Photoshop Song lyrics

Create an image that includes a selection or phrase from your song lyrics. You will need to choose fonts and imagery that will communicate the subjects, ideas, or feelings of the song. You need at least 2 different textures, 2 different images, a fill gradient, and at least one blending mode. You may choose to warp text (highlight text>right click>warp text) and play with opacity of some layers.




Phase 2:  Phrase using Illustrator

For this image, you will use a phrase or sentence from your song. You will create an image similar to Phase 1 in that your goal is to represent the ideas, subject, or feeling of the phrase. This image must be created using Adobe Illustrator.


  1. Open a new Illustrator document, 640 px x 480 px
  2. Type a 3 or 4 word phrase from your song

c8dc2682dceed8b8b84da8d861b12c86 d45e29e06f314897935ed1d81bd54b19 Capture

Phase 3:  Concert/Band Poster Using Illustrator 

For this image, you will create a band or concert poster using  Adobe Illustrator. This should be the most involved image of all three. Think of our Minimal Movie Poster, Logo Designs, and our Vector self-portrait. Take a look at examples of concert/band posters for inspiration.


  1. Open a new Illustrator document, 640 px x 480 px
  2. Make sure to include the name of the band in your design.27a2c3535803fd8bbb63fe5d56a6c561 74bfa02e40a0002fd80c5220fae5d743 c4ea445c91790edb4d911dad40e2b989 2017447b8bd2538c1661e40d9c4bef33 7e1eaa012450f364380a4d348fcd270a ed251bee60cf4ec7be4754a4044aea10 d43a95cccc588c00b0da8525a383de2c d78eb7af05fd2533fb8b394209ae8bbc e4bb4f5c7940ae12650ab0eb0dc8b44b



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