Semester Test Day

When you finish each phase of the project, Name your files:
LastName1, LastName2, LastName3 and drop in the Shared>Students>Drop>Computers

I will be checking your Text Portraits and Raster Portraits today.

At 8:20, if you are finished with all three phases, you may quietly study or read.


Starting Raster Portrait

5 or more textures (galaxy, map of WA, etc.), 5 or more objects (paper crane, oak leaf, etc.)
5 or more environments (forest, cities, etc.),1 or more image(s) of yourself (hand, eye, hair, etc.)
1 Meaningful Quote or Word
Control + T=   Transform       Hold Shift down when resizing.
Think about arrangement. Repetition? (Copy + Paste)
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Good Morning!

Good Morning! Today is our last day to work on our Photoshop Lessons: 2, 3, 4, and 5.  I will check when I return.
(shared  >students >fine art >photoshop lessons)

If finished, start gathering images for our next project (textures, objects, landscapes/city/nature, and images of yourself/features, etc.)

If you get done gathering images, work on an animal “mash-up”. Use our Photoshop text for guidance. Try and make it as realistic as you can.


Outline for the project:

Examples of Digital Collages: