Geometric Project



Welcome Back!

Finish working on your 2 created Emojis. Last in class workday today. They will be due Friday, April 29th. Upload your finished emojis along with your Master Studies/Tutorial to your blog. Directions in link below:

When finished, start brainstorming a subject and style for our next Geometric Image project. Examples here:


Good Morning!

Continue working on your “master study” emojis or chosen tutorial. When you are finished, start or continue to work on your own created emoji. Gather reference images and try to make your emoji visually fit in with existing emojis.

Emoji Worday

BalloonStormers-Hot-Air-Balloon-Rides-Columbia-MO-620x731.pngYou will need at least two emoji Masterstudies or have completed a tutorial. When you finish with these, you may begin gathering reference images for your own two created emojis. hd-succulents-cm-ostock-vector-succulent-and-cactus-hand-drawn-vector-255127996Succulents-from-BloomsByTheBox

Origami-craneAutumn_White_Oak_Leaf 11816377_1029489290429118_2809221248012534849_o

yellow autumn oak leaf over the white background

yellow autumn oak leaf over the white background


Vector illustration - butterfly icon set

Vector illustration – butterfly icon set

Welcome Back!

Today we will start the first part of our next Emoji project. You will complete a Tutorial of your choice (under the Tutorial tab) or a master study.

Master Study: Browse images of Emojis and pick one to try and create using shapes, gradients, and lower opacities:




Tutorials: Pick and choose various steps to create the finished product: