Good Morning!

Spend this time finalizing details on your project. When you finish your Geometric Semester Test Project, post it to your blog and answer the following questions on your post:

When you have finished posting your work and answering the questions, you may work independently, study, or read. Good luck on exams and have a great 2nd semester!


Semester Test Project

Good Morning! We will continue to work on our Geometric/Low Poly projects. You will need to incorporate a creative element into your images. This creative element could include:

Stroke color
Unfilled/unfinished pieces
Invented colors
Gradient Fill
Pieces Breaking off
Drop Shadow


Semester Test Project Concept Day & Practice

Good Morning! By the end of class today, you will have brainstormed ideas for subjects for our Semester Test Project: Geometric Design or Low Poly and started to practice on a simplistic subject of your choice.

  1. Make sure you have posted your Illustrated Quote and our your drawing over a photograph images.
  2. Start researching: low poly, geometric graphic design, geometric animal, geometric portrait and brainstorming ideas for subjects!
  3. Find a simplistic image (fruit, food, bird, etc. ) to practice on.


Student Final Project Examples:




Directions: Set your fill to none and stroke to white and .25 weight. Start creating triangles with your pen tool that connect at the edges. Make your triangle sides overlap so you are not adjusting so much at the end. You choose the size of the triangles/shapes. Use your eyedropper tool to fill once you have a collection of shapes.


Good Morning!


Upload your Illustrated Quotes projects to your blog. Answer the following questions on your blog post:

1. Why did you choose your word, quote, or saying that you did?

2. What words were the most important and how did you emphasize them?

3. Explain why you choose the photograph and picture that you did.

4. What tools and/or effects did you use in Illustrator?


Tomorrow will be the last day in class to work on our short project: illustration over a photograph and post them to our blogs.

Take a look at various examples:b10-600x859-560x801.jpg84426ba9b3fcbc6abd4db0abe482bcc2.jpg641bf7ee36d59c2000dc0ae6246997f4--graphic-design-illustration-photo-illustration.jpg$R36CIC4.jpg$RQGGUIQ.jpg


Interior Spaces

Today will be our last day working on our Illustrated Quote project. Think about final details: subtle gradient, subtle texture, arrangement of text. When you are finished, save your work. We will upload these to our blog with our Interior Spaces Project on Wednesday.

the Interior Spaces project will be a short 2-3 day project. You may choose to photograph the hallways at roosevelt, find a photograph you’ve already taken, work with a portrait of yourself, or browse and find images on

Your goal is to do a simplistic illustration over your photograph in whatever style you prefer: Think geometric shapes, lines, organic shapes, blur tool, etc.

Illustrated Quote Project

Good Morning & welcome back! Today we will start our next project: Illustrated quote poster. You can choose a quote, song lyrics, one word, or a phrase that is meaningful to you. Search for examples of Typography or handlettering. Here are some examples I have gathered:

You will need 2 posters. 1 poster that includes a photograph and one that includes an image drawn by you (either image trace or with the pen tool). You can create text with either writing it out ( File>Place your image into your document, go to Object > Image Trace > Make and Expand) or using the type tool in Illustrator. Spend some time today doodling and sketching, brainstorming words or quotes, imagery, and looking through your photographs. 



Inspiration for various fonts: