09 Type Portrait

Overview For this Project you will be creating a portrait of a celebrity or person you admire through the use of type alone.

Slash.jpgportraits-1.jpgolivia_wilde_typo.jpgtypography_portrait_namie_amuro_by_triad636-d6cba9y.png19.jpg25.jpgMos-Def-image-011.jpgTypography portraits-1 (9).pngmichael_jordan_typeface_by_phreshsoldier-d2zejma.jpgtypography_portrait_by_borax12-d47p02t.jpg


18-portrait-textchurchill_1864777i4cc8e6280a5791efa26a2e5dfece4522 98f3298c8b91e74a5662dca34b0f0bda 318d52007ad09c4ce5f72bc6e1fc4770 5668b562f57fec8ffe32ea5e970dd3d0 852040f524bbf11f3fffb8f5abf9a099 9471674e73c9a9297b87c8de22b9d89c b12d00cb408e404f204308fe4d7f57e3 c72b59170ec555988aafe6b83ed8bd17

 Typography portraits-1 (9).png25.jpg

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