Complete Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 (link on post below). When you finish, you can start the first part of our next Emoji project. You will complete a Tutorial of your choice (under the Tutorial tab) or two “master studies”.

Master Study: Browse images of Emojis and pick one to try and create using basic shapes, gradients, pathfinder tool (Window > Pathfinder), and lower opacities.


Tutorials: Pick and choose various steps to create the finished product:

vinylplayer0.jpg or browse under the Tutorial Tab.


Good Morning!

Wednesday will be our last day working on our Vector portraits. You might have a final version and a creative version or just one final image with your creative elements. Include many details – shadows and highlights – and do your best craftsmanship – smooth lines and no unwanted spaces. Take a look at the examples below for creative elements you could incorporate into your portrait: missing “pieces”, doodles, incorporating chosen objects (butterfly, hot air balloon, stars, etc.), obstructed portrait (blurring, crossing out, doodling over, object in front of face, etc.), patterns, etc.).

If you are finished, you can create another creative version of your portrait, work on an independent project in Illustrator, or complete an Illustrator tutorial of your choice.

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