Examples of Face Planes

face_planes_by_gilesruscoe-d56y4xd be9340c4c10b14afbffbcbf30adbc5fb


Helpful Pen Tool Tips

Curves= click and pull
After a Curve= click the middle anchor point
Shift + Ctrl + A = Deselect
Undo= Ctrl + Z (or Edit>Undo)
Straight Vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line= hold down Shift

* Try and have as little anchor points (clicks) as possible for a smooth, accurate path. 

Welcome Back!

Today is our Introduction to Illustrator and last in class workday for artist presentations. We will begin presentations on Wednesday.

Let’s get started: Launch Adobe Illustrator and open a new web document. Use the tools palette to help you fill in the names of the tools. Try each tool out to get more acquainted with the program.


First. . . E’s & P’s of Art

Today is our last day working on the WebQuest assignment. I will be checking them today and tomorrow for completion points.

1. If you are finished with the WebQuest assignment: research and choose a graphic artist from the list (Project > Graphic Artist Presentation > Graphic Designer List). The sign up sheet is by the printer.

3. If you are finished with all of the above, you may:

A. Research more about your chosen artist (their artwork and life)
B. Explore wordpress blog (themes, customizing, etc.) – No Posting yet!
C. Open Adobe Illustrator CS3 and explore tools and features


Welcome to Graphic Arts!


1. Name, Grade:

2. Hobbies/Interests:

3. Interesting Fact:

4. Have you had previous experience with Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop? If so, when?

5. Why did you take this class?

6. What would you most like to learn this semester?


Create a symbol/logo that represents yourself. be prepared to share this with the class