04 Emoji/Emoticon Post

A. Upload your “Master Study” emojis and your 2-3 Emojis of your own design along with the references you used to create them.

(either with the snipping tool or File>Export>Jpeg). Then answer the following questions:

  1.  Describe the two Emojis that you created.
  2. Where did you use highlight and shadow areas in your emoji designs?
  3. How do your emojis visually “fit” with other existing emojis designs?

B. Create a new document. Copy and paste your two emojis onto the new document. Using your type tool, give examples of your two emojis and how they could be used to either substitute words/emotions or enhance conversations. Use your snipping tool and upload the image. 

emojis-in-sentences (1).jpg




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