Welcome Back!

Today we are continuing our Photoshop Lessons: 2, 3A, 3B, 3C, 4, and 5. When finished, have me check for completion points. Then, use your knowledge of replacing color, the Clone Stamp, Patch tool, the Spot Healing brush, and selection tools (Magic Wand, Lasso, Quick Selection, etc.) to create a realistic Animal Mashup.


Birds-with-Dog-Heads-07 enhanced-buzz-31099-1335802096-4 photoshopchimera-2 enhanced-buzz-8390-1375966076-20


Day 1: Photoshop

Today we will start working in Adobe Photoshop. Open the program on your computer and use the following links to label the Tools Panel and Layers:

When you finish, start working on our Photoshop Lessons. You can find these under the file: Shared>Students>Fine Art>Photoshop Lessons. Use your Photoshop book to walk through the steps. Save your final or draft to your home folder to show me for points or continue working on the next day.