Design Principles Booklet

Design Elements and Principles Booklet
Create InDesign Document

Open Adobe InDesign (Shortcuts>Windows 7>Adobe Creative Suite CS3>InDesign)
Click New Document
Set pages to 6
Click OK
Scroll down to page 2 and 3
Use the type tool to click and drag a text box at the top of pages 2,3,4 and 5
Title page 2 Contrast, 3 Repetition, 4 Emphasis 5 Alignment and 6 Proximity

Using the type tool Click and drag text boxes below each term
Type the following definitions (listed below) in each box
Use your Like/Dislike images from the Graphic Design WebQuest as well as Google images to show 3 examples of each of the 5 Principles.
Insert pictures by clicking File>Place
Click the Resize tool in the tool panel (half way down, below the rotate tool)
Use the type tool to give a short explaination of why each image is an example of the Principle you’ve asigned it to

Contrast – Two elements on a page are different in color, size, texture, value shape or even meaning.

Repetition – Repeating visual elements such as line, color, shape, texture, value or image which tends to unify the total effect of a work of art as well as create rhythm.

Emphasis – The artist makes part of the work stand out, in order to draw the viewer’s eye there first. (different color, larger size, etc.)

Alignment – Everything on a page should be visually connected to something else on the page. Nothing should be placed arbitrarily.

Proximity – Related items should be grouped together creating visual cues. Likewise, items that are not related should not be close to each other.

Title your first Page Elements and Principles with 60 pt Font.


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