Vector Portrait Workday

While you are working:

-Keep tracing abstract shapes of different colors
-Include shadow and highlight shapes in face, hair, and clothing.
-Background image/design?

If you are finished, you may work on an independent Vector project with your choice of subject matter or create a minimalistic or portrait (See below examples)




Photograph Due Tomorrow

Good morning! Today we will be our last in-class workday on our Minimal Posters (Due March 11). If you are finished, you can work on an independent project or create another minimal poster.

Tomorrow we will start our Vector self-portraits. You will need a photograph of yourself tomorrow. Think about an expression you want to have or an emotion you want to convey.



Last Full Workday on Minimal Posters

Checklist before you turn in:

-Do you have 3 minimal style posters?
-Did you consider the space in your poster? (does your subject take up little or too much space on your Artboard?)
-Do you have a gradient and/or texture on each poster?
-Are your gradients and textures subtle?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, you may go to the tab: Your Blog  >03 Minimal Poster to upload your images on your blog and answer the reflection questions.