08 Student Planner Cover Design

You have the unique opportunity to design the student planner cover for the upcoming 2015-2016 year. Think about how to represent the diversity of Roosevelt’s Student body: academic subjects studied (biology, chemistry, English, history, calculus, etc.), fine arts (art, chorus, theater, band, etc.), athletics, student-led groups, and activities. Think about positive and motivating words, mantras, or quotes. Think about current technologies and trends.

3ff0fe87dab81d8aba1f0d013030d7d6planners2011LG_Social_Profilegalison-cover1-copy4583060790_ee57a1d9108.5x11  item2013 11-21-12  copy Go-Beyond M-45 nonCustomFrontBackEL Opportunities nonCustomFrontBackPR

475890723 874dd43bb4cea4d0220187353f01cf19 5794587316_4af55f7ca4_o minicons-210-free-vector-icons-pack-on-16-pixel valley_high_school_2011_2012_student_agenda_cover_by_lamerareyna-d6fs6io 518916359 097-free-vector-pictogram-icons,-signs-and-symbols 518916349 linkedin-sales-navigator-training-530x180 stock-vector-medicine-themed-infographic-on-blue-background-with-human-silhouette-238377799 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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