Vector Portrait Workday

Good Morning! Today we being our Vector Portrait project. Your three minimal posters will be due: Tuesday, March 21.

For the Vector Portrait, you will need a photograph reference of yourself, a friend/family member, or a image you find online. Your photograph needs to be a high resolution. When you import your photo (File > Place), hold down Shift to resize. Use your knowledge of shape (Mr. Potato head project) to trace over areas of different colors (highlights and shadows) and use the Eye Dropper tool to fill. c4a3c07de4e5eec5d84bc217a19e506247cc6f27df0c291d8a621e70ec1bee1a188db2ce530a919cbb9340200b0eb7c66be8c2b3dbe4a187af41e14e6ded544e3e8be4705a5dc68229a53b0e0565858d


Happy Thursday!

You will need a gradient and/or shadow on each of your 3 Minimal posters. Try to keep both textures and gradients subtle.

Complete the Gradient Practice document found in the folder: Shared > Students > Fine Art > Lessons 6-10 > 08 Gradients. First watch the Gradient Tutorial below.

Make sure to watch the Texture tutorial on Opacity Masks. I have saved textures you can use in the folder: Shared > Students > Fine Art > Lessons 6-10 > Textures. Select a texture you like and Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste on your Minimal Poster.

Texture Tutorial

Gradient Tutorial

darjeeling limited3darjeeling limirrted.jpgdarjeeling limited


darjeeling limited2.jpg13514038-white-natural-linen-texture-for-the-background-Stock-Photo-fabric