01 Graphic Design WebQuest

Here’s our first assignment to help you get more acquainted with graphic design and how large of a role it plays in our life.

Organizing our folders:

1. Open shortcuts folder from your desktop
2. Click your Home folder
3. Click New Folder
4. Type Graphic Design
5. Click Enter
6. Open the Graphic Design Folder
7. Create another folder called: Graphic Design Webquest
8. Inside this folder, you will save images (right click > Save As) of at least 3 examples of each of the following: 

Book Cover Design
Movie Poster Design
Concert/Band Poster design
Sports Team Logo
Magazine Cover Design
Food Business Logo
Vehicle Logo
Icon Design
Adobe Illustrator Pattern
Clothing Brand Logo
Packaging Design
Digital Collage
Album Cover
Menu Design
Typography Design
Word Typography
Emoji Design
Innovative Business Card
Graphic Design Portrait
Geometric Graphic Design
Business Logo Design

While searching for images, use the adjectives: cleaver, awesome, wonderful, beautiful, vintage, inspirational, retro, modern, whimsical, bold, interesting, etc. 


If you finish early, find more examples for a particular category above, browse some of the graphic designers from the link below, and/or check out the following sites to get a preview of the kind of things we’ll be doing this semester.

Graphic Artist List –> https://rooseveltgraphicarts.wordpress.com/projects/graphic-artist-presentation/graphic-designer-presentation/

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials—->http://vector.tutsplus.com/


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