Vector Self-Portrait Workday

Good Morning! Follow along with the project outline as you work: Continue to create shapes for your face color, highlights, and shadows (try and see them as abstract shapes). Your hair will be one of our last additions. Each time you trace a shape, make sure the fill is set to none with use the eyedropper tool to color match. Use Control + to Zoom in. The pencil tool can also be used to trace areas that are less defined.

Make sure you have put your file (saved as LastnamePresentation) in Shared>Students>Drop>Computer Folder.meeeee

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Thursday, Jan. 22

Today we will continue working on our Pen Tool Exercises: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, and 03 Shapes. Remember, have me check each one for completion points. Be prepared to do the exercise more than once. These can be found in the Shared>Students>Fine Art>Pen Practice folder. When finished, you may either practice with the Dinosaur, Peacock Feather, or find an image of your choice online (still creating a new layer to work on).

You need a picture of yourself by tomorrow. I will have a camera in class for you to take one. At the end of class we will look at some examples.

Graphic Design Webquest and Artist Presentations are due Tuesday, Jan. 27. We will present on that day. 

Welcome Back!

After you finish both worksheets, hand in and begin/resume lessons 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3. After you finish each lesson, show me for completion points. You may need to do a lesson more than once. You can access the lessons through the Shared folder > Students > Fine Art > Pen Practice

The first worksheet: “What is Illustrator” link can be found here:

For filling out the Adobe Illustrator CS6 Tools Panel worksheet –

Graphic Artist Presentation Workday

1. Continue to work on the Graphic Design Webquest Part 2. When finished, Drop (or copy+paste) in the Shared>Students>Drop>Computer Folder. Remember to post your favorite find on your blog.

2. Then start your Graphic Artist Presentation. If you forgot who you signed up for, I have the sign-up sheet on the board. Try and include images of his/her artwork on each slide. We will be presenting these next week. Follow the directions under Projects>02 Graphic Artist Presentation.

3. If you are finished with the above, you may start experimenting with the pen tool. Open Adobe Illustrator CS6 and open a new document. Go to this link and read through the descriptions and watch the video with headphones. While you watch a certain skill, try it in Illustrator with the pen tool. It may be frustrating at first, but we will become very familiar with this tool.

Happy Friday!

Today is our last day to work on our Graphic Design Webquest. Keep gathering your images and find 3 definitions of Graphic Design. We will be using these images soon.

If you are finished, sign in to your blog and explore wordpress. Customize your theme and appearance.

After customizing your blog, hover over the Projects tab > 02 Graphic Artist Presentation

>Graphic Designer List:


Copy and paste the artist’s names into Google Images and choose your favorite artist. Take your time for you will be presenting some of the Artist’s work to the class.