Verbicon / Semantic Typography: Word as Image

1. Use your text tool and type a word. Think verbs, nouns, and adjectives.

2. Enlarge while holding shift. You can right click and browse fonts.

3. Right click your word and select: Create outlines. You are now able to edit individual letters with your Direct Selection (white arrow) tool. Experiment further with Effect>Warp, or Effect> Blur.

You can also search for images of stencils/silhouettes online to combine with your text. After you File>Place your image into your document, go to Object > Image Trace > Make and Expand.  You are able to group the pieces and edit.


a8097694b8d6efff43d2e6d7829c06fe.jpgcf9206e337571ffb3c607d4ccfe093e3.jpg33a2f8589ac1e0724b608789370466b0.jpgcreative_logo_design_fonts_brands_by_ji_lee_40parallelji-lee-word-as-image-7ji-lee-clockWord-as-Image-Ji-Lee-19Ji-Lee-Word-as-Image071790D476D98f444879ef06a4cb71b9842c15706ff9.jpgd0c317d5073c37b887cd12b92092f6f4.jpgword-as-image-ji-lee-7202500753_640listed bowling button explode dotbreakeatclickeightglasses bloom zip tonguethreeholyshushidripsinkingmoluculeqwuotesbirdstepballoonhidetiehelicoptervolleyball;


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