Presentation Work Day

Use today to create your Powerpoint presentation for your chosen graphic artist.

Find Guidelines under the Project page > Graphic Artist Presentation

My example can be found under Shortcuts>Shared>Staff>FineArts>Gaster


WebQuest Continued

We will cross our fingers that the internet is running smoothly today. Because of the issues we have had the last couple days, today will be the last day to work on the WebQuest assignment. I will be checking them tomorrow for completion points.

1. If you are finished with the WebQuest assignment: research and choose a graphic artist from the list (see me if you need a list of names). The sign up sheet is by the printer.

3. If you are finished with all of the above, you may:

A.Research more about your chosen artist (their artwork and life)
B.Explore wordpress blog (themes, customizing, etc.) – No Posting yet!
C.Open Adobe Illustrator CS3 and explore tools and features

Your Blog

Today you will be creating your own blog to publish your the graphic art you create this semester.

Head to to sign up.

1. Click the get started now button on the home page
2. On the next page enter the following

Blog Address: Last name followed by the word graphics (ex.

User Name: Last name then the word graphics (ex. gastergraphics)

Password: Your first and last initials followed by your student ID # (ex. bg132072)

Email Address: Enter an email addres which you can access from school

3. Click “Create Blog” Button

This is as far as we will get today on the blog. We will spend the rest of the period beginning the our first project Graphic Design WebQuest.

1. Go to
2. Click Projects > Graphic Design WebQuest and begin!

Happy Searching

Welcome Back!

Welcome to a new school year at RHS and welcome to Graphics Class! This blog will be your source for class information, projects, and resources. In this class we will learn to use industry standard graphic programs as well as develop an eye for good design!

Work hard and have fun!