Semester Test Project

Good Morning! We will continue to work on our Geometric/Low Poly projects. You will need to incorporate a creative element into your images. This creative element could include:

Stroke color
Unfilled/unfinished pieces
Invented colors
Gradient Fill
Pieces Breaking off
Drop Shadow



Semester Test Project Practice Day

  1. Finish and post your Social Issues Poster to your blog.

  2. Find a simplistic image (fruit, food, bird, etc. ) to practice on.

  3. Start researching: low poly, geometric graphic design, geometric animal, geometric portrait and brainstorming ideas for subjects!

Student Final Project Examples:




Brysen:bear-poly.jpgpoly-bear-sem (1).jpg


Set your fill to none and stroke to white and .25 weight.

Start creating triangles with your pen tool that connect at the edges. Make your triangle sides overlap so you are not adjusting so much at the end. You choose the size of the triangles/shapes.

Use your eyedropper tool to fill once you have a collection of shapes.


Master Study Workday

Continue to work on your 2 Masterstudies: 1 Emoji and 1 logo of your choice. Remember, you are not tracing but working alongside your reference image.  Try and create using basic shapes, gradients, lower opacities, Effect > Blur, Pathfinder tool (unit or minus front), and any other tool you can think of. 

If you are finished, Post your masterstudies to your blog with your reference image alongside. Tell me what shapes and effects and other tools to create your master studies.master study

Then, grab some sketch paper and start designing a logo for yourself or a business:


Emoji & Logo Masterstudy

Good morning! Today we will finish working on Semantic typography and post them to your blogs (File>Export>JPEG). Then, start working on a logo and emoji “master study”.

Master Study: Browse images of Emojis and pick one to try and create using shapes, gradients, lower opacities, Effect > Blur, Pathfinder tool (unit or minus front), gradient mesh, and any other tool you can think of:

octopus1f349 (1).pngwomans-hat.png3BDA240A00000578-4089052-image-a-62_1483566005492.jpg

panda-face (1).pngfafe5473eab13724e9bf39e0632563e4.pngbutton_meatball_400x400.png