Graphic Artist Presentation

Answer the following four questions on each PPT Slide:

1. Who is the artist?
(Their name, Where the are from, What their job title is, interesting facts, What are they best known for, who they work for, Where they got their degree from, etc.)

2. What is the artist’s style?
(Geometric vs. Organic shapes, Realistic vs. Abstract, What is their subject matter: shapes/colors/lines vs. people/animals/objects, Describe their use the basic design principles and show at least one example for each: Contrast, Repetition).

3. What is the purpose of their artwork? (Any overall themes/big ideas the artist explores in their artwork, How the artwork is used or displayed, is it commercial art intended to sell or inform or is their work created for fine art purposes for the viewer’s enjoyment)

4. What do you think about your chosen artist’s work? What is your favorite artwork of theirs and why?

5. More examples of your chosen artist’s work.

Each of the four questions are to be answered on individual Powerpoint slides. Each slide should include at least one image (example of the artist’s work). Including a title slide and one slide for each of the 4 questions you will need a total of at least 5 slides.


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