Geometric Semester Test Project

Good Morning! We will continue to work on our Geometric/Low Poly Semester Test projects. You will need to incorporate a creative element into your images. This creative element could include:

Stroke color
Unfilled/unfinished pieces
Invented colors
Gradient Fill
Pieces Breaking off
Drop Shadow



Geometric Semester Test Project

Welcome back! By the end of class today you should have a chosen subject and started to create shapes.

Directions: Set your fill to none and stroke to white and .25 weight. Start creating triangles with your pen tool that connect at the edges. Make your triangle sides overlap so you are not adjusting so much at the end. You choose the size of the triangles/shapes. Use your eyedropper tool to fill once you have a collection of shapes.bd6d4ce549d4c647d0d42d3d71ec3c97