Raster Self-Portrait

Raster Self Portrait

Overview: Take a close look at the image below and you will see many techniques covered in your previous textbook lessons. For this project, you will be collecting images from the internet to compile in to a single collage.

The Raster Self Portrait shouldn’t be just a collage of your favorite things, but a reflection of your personality.  Think about your overall mood or style and include images that can communicate that.
For further inspiration, go to notpaper.net. Click on archive at the bottom of the blog and select a month to browse other great digital collages.

Step 1: Collecting Images!

  • Create a new folder in your home folder to save your raster self portrait images.  Call it Raster Self Portrait.
  • You may choose to use Google images (large file size) or Fair Use sites, such as:  http://cgtextures.com/     http://www.morguefile.com/       http://www.sxc.hu/      http://urbandirty.com/gallery/    http://www.rastervector.com/resources/free/free.html     http://www.reusableart.com/
  • Search for images that represent your personal style and attitude or demeanor, rather than a collection of all your favorite things. (open road vs. motorcycle,
  • Find and save 5 or more pictures of landscapes, cities or nature
  • Find and save 5 or more pictures of objects
  • Find and save 5 or more pictures of textures
  • You will need at least two pictures of yourself or to represent yourself. Brown eyes, hands, Blond Hair, etc. vs a picture of yourself. Think again about the mood you want to evoke.

Step 2:  Set up document

  • Photoshop Document is 640×640 pixels
  • Name it Raster_LastFirst

Step 3: Place Images

  • Includes at least seven (7) separate images on individual (named) layers
  • Open each photo in photoshop.  To bring it into your Raster Self Portrait, use the move tool to click and drag the image into the project window.
  • If you only want part of the image, use a selection method to select the part of the image you want.  Then use the move tool to drag it into the project window.

Step 4:  Arranging Images

Step 5:  Image Adjustments

  • Apply each of the following to one or more images
    • Use Marquee, Magic Wand, Quick Select, or Lasso tools to make selections of parts of images and refine edges
    • Include one or more drop shadows
    • Include one or more gradients
    • Include two or more layer blending modes

Step 6:  Add a Meaningful Quote/Poem/Word/Song Lyrics

  • Incorporate inspiring or meaningful text
    • Quote or phrase or short poem that represents you or your ideals
    • Make the text legible.
    • Choose a harmonious font. You may choose to add layer styles (drop shadow, Color overlay, etc.) and text warps.

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