Welcome back!

Today is our last day in class to work on our Stamp Set Project. They will be due this Friday.

When your project is completed, go to Your Blog page at the top and click on Stamp Set Blog Post. Complete the following steps to upload your project to your blog and answer the questions.

I will be checking blogs this Friday. Log in to infinite campus and check your grades – they are updated.

When you are done with your post, spend some time researching logos.


Welcome Back!

We are going to create our first blog posts today! A quick introduction to WordPress . . . If you have not created your blog yet, go to Create Blog under the Your Blog page at the top of your page and follow the steps.

If you are not quite finished with your self-portrait, I will give you one more day in class to work. You are responsible for completing the blog post on your own time. Reminder: your portraits are due this Friday. It is your responsibility to find a time to come in before or after school or during your SRP time.

Blog Post: You will need to upload 3 different images of your vector self portrait and answer three prompts in the form of short paragraphs (3 to 5 sentances). If you are not finished, write that you are not finished in your blog post. Reminder: Self-Portraits are due this Friday. It is your responsibility to find a time to come in: before or after school or during SRP time.

When you finish do the following:

Click through this slide show of examples and explanations of the elements and principles of art:

Read a basic overview of the Elements of art and Principles of design here


As with all the projects we complete in class, your vector self- portrait will be assessed based on the following 5 criteria: subject, composition, technique/craftsmanship, creativity, and effort.

A portrait of you consisting entirely of vector shapes Parts of your portrait consist of a base color and at least one shadow color, and one highlight color.

A vector background (traced image of a location if time allows, gradient if it doesn’t)

Your portrait fills most of the space

You have used a minimal amount of anchor points

Use directional handles to create smooth curves

Demonstrate your ability to see and trace areas of color
*Add elements to your portrait to support the mood, feeling, or expression (horns, butterflies, graphic text, etc.)

Remain on task