Webquest Part II

elements-and-principles-of-design PPT

Using your knowledge of the Elements and Principles of Design, choose from the images you gathered on Graphic Design Webquest to find examples of each Element or Principle.

1. Create a new blog post and title it Webquest.write.JPG

2. Write the following elements in your blog post: Line, Shape, Texture, Space, Size, Color, Repetition, and Contrast) and include at least 1 examples of an image from your Webquest that you think fits that particular element. (Insert content > Add Media)

add media.JPG

3. Include why you choose those images for that particular category.

4. Choose your favorite 3 images to upload and describe why you find them interesting or beautiful.




Example 1: This band poster shows repetition by repeating both the colors and shapes of the water.

5ba387462a63432adfbaad0bc2895b98 (1).jpg


Example 2: Texture was used in this book cover design with the images of the shiny silverware, the tablecloth and burned, fringed edges around the title.





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