Pen Tool Practice

Good Morning! Today we begin working with the pen tool. 

Watch the following videos. You can work along with the video. Pen tool tutorials: can also watch Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2 videos found in the Shared > Students > Fine Art > Pen Tool Practice folders. These Pen Tool Games are also helpful:

When you are finished watching tutorials, you may start lessons 5.1 and 5.2. Complete each exercise 2-3 times (on separate layers) until you have mastered it. Tips: Press “P” to deselect, Edit > Undo (or Ctrl + Z) if you made a mistake, and Ctrl + to zoom in and Ctrl – to zoom out.

Complete these steps when starting the exercises: 

  1. Set Fill to None.

fill none

2. Select a Stroke color

stroke color

3. Set your Stroke Weight to 3 pt.

3 pt stroke

4. Click the Layer icon on the bottom right panel  layers

5. Click Add New Layer icon create new layer

6. Name the new Layer “Practice 1 or 2”

practice 1

7. Click the Eye icon to hide “Work on this Layer” and make sure the top layer is highlighted before you start working.


Please Remember: these are graded so save to your Home Folder > Graphic Design.





Welcome Back!

Today we will finish Webquest Part II and publish this first post to our blogs: We will then begin our first steps in Adobe Illustrator familiarizing ourselves with the workspace and the main tools we will be using this semester.

If you are finished, you can either choose to continue searching various graphic artists, log into your blog and experiment with different themes and explore the layout of wordpress: (Remember your login is your email address and your password is Capital first initial, lower case last name and your ID # – example: Bgaster23482), or open Adobe Illustrator and experiment with some different tools.

Graphic Artists: Copy and Paste (Ctrl C, Ctrl V) the name of these graphic artist into google: or follow this link and browse through different styles projects.:


Good Morning!

Today we are going to finish gathering images for our first project: Graphic Design Webquest. Once you finish saving at least 2 images for each category, start browsing different graphic artists and to see the ride range of different styles. Save images from at least 10 of your favorite artists you find:

Copy and Paste (Ctrl C, Ctrl V) the name of these graphic artist into google and save images that are interesting and beautiful to you.

Follow this link and browse through different styles projects. right click and save your favorites as the artist’s name who created them:

Mattis Kun:

Viscera Vicarious:

Chloe Choa:

Ben the Illustrator:

Marcelo Oliveira:78d0c716631376.5603ab4544033.png6445f716575694.5603aa5e63046.png

Welcome to a Graphic Arts!

Here are some student examples of class projects we will be working on this year:

american-bison-art.jpgAdrian Art ShowPicture4.jpgPicture5.jpgalt-j-poster.jpghakinson-geo.jpgthe-big-bang-theoryPicture3.jpgpokemon-minimal-movie-poster-finallotr posternik_done$RYMY8ANself-portrait-1Picture7.jpg$R0UP75H$RC2QF22Picture6.jpg$RRUVLJOemoji 3

“Currently I’m . . .”  Drawing 

Write down some of your current interests. Then search images, logos, and/or brand designs to illustrate.

Ms. Gaster’s Example:

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender

On the back of your paper, answer the following questions: 

1. Have you ever had any experience with either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator?

1. Why did you take Graphics?

3. What are some questions you have about this class?