Welcome Back!

We are approaching our final days on our Geometric Project. Remember, you need to make it your “own” by incorporating a creative element: Stroke color and fill color, just stroke color and no fill, pieces “breaking off”, abstracted color choices, and/or a gradient. Amend any unwanted spaces with your direct selection tool.

If you are finished with your Geometric image, you can work on a tutorial of your choice or check out Projects: Band Poster, Semantic Typography, or Logo Project.






Band Poster:



Semantic Typography:


Logo Design:



Geometric Alphabet

1. Create a new Web document. Name it the letter you chose.

2. File > Place a high resolution image of an image of your choice from google (search tools>size>large)

3. Set your fill to none and stroke to white and .25 weight.

4. Start creating triangles with your pen tool that connect at the edges. Make your triangle sides overlap so you are not adjusting so much at the end. You choose the size. Tip: try and create the triangles around areas of color. The smaller the triangles, the more detailed the picture.8c2be728ca8695db6f5a3edfbaf692a8