For this project, you will use Photoshop to produce an image of an impossible object or scene.  Go to and browse the illusion contest galleries.  You will choose one contest and create an illusion following the rules of that contest.  The finished image must look as photo-real as possible. The idea is to use multiple source images and combine them seamlessly to “fool the eye” of the viewer. You may use images from anywhere on the web but they must be large to prevent pixilation. Images that fill the entire page need to be at least 640×640 pixels.


More Examples


You need to consider lighting, shadows, reflections, colors and textures among other things. You final composition must look photo-real yet present a subject that are obviously impossible.


You will need to learn how to select, cut, and paste objects and blend them together seamlessly. Your goal is to make the image as photo-real real as possible with clean edges and smooth transitions.


 Go to and browse the illusion contest galleries. If you are having trouble choosing, you can create an animal mashup of two or more animals ( Collect large images from the internet (or your own pictures). Begin cutting out the images and editing them. If you finish early, create a second design. Save jpeg images along the way to use as in progress shots of your design.

Animal Mash Ups:

Celebrity Mash Up :


Unappetizing Meal:


Use large images to prevent pixilation. Do not stretch images out too much (to the point of pixilation). Keep objects separate in different layers. Spend extra time to carefully cut out images. Don’t just rely on the Magic Wand. Slightly blur or refine the edges of cut-out objects. Pay attention to where the light is coming from. Where should there be shadows? Make sure that all images have the same white balance. Remember that colors reflect off of near-by objects. Spend extra time with reflective objects. They can be tricky. 

Great How-To Blend Textures:

Liquify Tool: (Filter>Liquify), Clone tool (in Tool Palette) for Blending textures.

Changing Skin Tone:


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