06 Logo Project Workday

Today we will continue to work on our personal logos. Do your best work. If you get done, design more > that is where the best ideas come from.

Outline of Logo Project: https://rooseveltgraphicarts.wordpress.com/projects/logo-project/
Examples to get you thinking: https://rooseveltgraphicarts.wordpress.com/projects/logo-project/examples-of-logos/

Remember, you need: 2 symbolmarks, 1 lettermark/monogram, and 1 combination mark.

To make your text an object that you can manipulate:

1. type a letter/word
2. Use your selection tool (black arrow) and select text.
3. Right click > Create outlines
4. Click on your direct selection tool (white arrow) and double click the anchor points (small dots) on the text and pull different directions. You could also go to Effect on the top menu and experiment with various tools.

See you Thursday!


Logo Project

Today we are going to look at, discuss, and examine Logos from a wide variety of companies. You are going to choose at least three logos (two symbolmarks and a lettermark) to do a “master study” with. Use your previous knowledge of Illustrator tools and do your best to recreate the logo with no tracing with layers. Good luck!