1st day of Second Quarter

The second quarter starts today! We have two more Illustrator projects before we explore Photoshop.

The Personal Logo Post is do Friday
The Emoji Project and the Emoji Blog Post are due Monday.

Today, you may work on your Emoji blog post and begin our new project: Minimal Movie Posters.


Welcome Back!

Today you may post your personal logos onto your blog if you have not already. If you finish, spend some time in WordPress today editing your blogs BG Image (tile your personal logo), Site Title, Color, and Theme.

When you are finished, design your own business card (I will print out for you). You may use your personal logo as an image (for you as a graphic designer) or create a new image for your future career. Think: Your Name, Contact information, Your Title, Organization. Here are some examples:

67e278aae9401f2097cdf75a26745e06 af080ea0d474be9349feb00db7ae8fe3 e53572a6f373374e576b8ffe54474ef5

Happy Friday

Today is our last work day to work on our personal logos. 

If you finish today, go to Your Blog > Your Personal Logo Post and post your project on your blog. 

You can choose from the following options when you’r finished: 

1. Design a Business card in Illustrator with your chosen logo (Name, Skills, Blog Site, Email, etc.)

2. Choose a tutorial on one of the websites to complete (on previous post)

3. Experiment more with Illustrator and tools you are not familiar with. 

 Create realistic gold fish in illustrator http://vector.tutsplus.com/tutorials/illustration/how-to-create-a-detailed-goldfish-couple-with-adobe-illustrator/

 Create Realistic Cherries http://vector.tutsplus.com/tutorials/illustration/illustrate-a-pair-of-sweet-gradient-mesh-cherries/


Good Morning!

Keep working on your personal logo today. You will need 1 of each: wordmark, symbolmark, lettermark, and a combination mark (Keep them all on one illustrator document for now). At the end of the project, I am going to have you select your favorite logo of the four to use during the semester, so try and have a variety of logos.

Outline for the Logo project: Projects  > Logo Project

For Ideas: Inspiration > Logo Examples 

Logo Project Intro

Today we are going to look at, discuss, and examine Logos from a wide variety of companies. You are going to choose at least three logos (two symbolmarks and a lettermark) to do a “master study” with. Use your previous knowledge of Illustrator tools and do your best to recreate the logo with no tracing with layers. Good luck!

Friday: We are going to present our stamps to the class.