Welcome Back!

Good Morning! We are continuing to work on our Geometric Animal Projects. If you feel you are finished, hide the photograph layer and start adjusting some of your triangles that have spaces in between them using your white arrow (direct selection tool) and double clicking on an anchor point. You could also create a new layer between your photograph layer and your triangle layer and put areas of similar color under the spaces.

If you are finished, create another Geometric animal/portrait/object or work on an independent project.

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  1. Create 2-3 Emojis of your own design
        you will need a stroke color, highlight, shadow, and possible drop shadow and/or gradient
  2. If you finish, create another Emoji, work on an independent project, or look ahead to Project 6.
    Do not post to your blogs yet, we will go over that Friday.

 emoji4 emoji1 emoji3 unnamed

Happy Monday!

Vector Portraits are due today. Make sure you have uploaded your finished product to your blog. 
Your Minimal Movie Posters are due next Tuesday, March 10th. 

1. Finish lessons 08, 9, and 9.2. These are found in shared>students>fine art>lessons 6-10. Show them to me for completion points.

2. Start your Emoji Master Study. (where you have your reference Emoji right next to where you are working.) Try and capture the likeness as best you can. Use the tutorial as a rough guideline to show you how to incorporate inner glow, drop shadow, etc. into your Emoji Designs. Remember your knowledge of gradients from the lessons.