Last Day on Minimal Movie Poster

Finish Lessons: They can be found in the Shared > Students> Fine Art > Lessons 6-10. You will need to complete 08 Gradients, 09 Compound shapes (The exercises are finished, so work along side the shapes), and 9.2 Key.

If you are finished with your posters, have posted your project on your blog and completed the lessons, you may work on an independent project, create another minimal movie poster, try some of the tutorials on the post below, and/or start thinking of ideas for our next project we will start Monday: Emoji/Emoticon Set.


Minimal Movie Poster Workday

Today is a workday on your Minimal Movie Poster. Your Vector Portrait will be due next Tuesday. 

For this project, you will design three Minimal Posters (Movie, TV show, and/or Book) by creating a simplistic image that could serve as an icon for your chosen subject.
Brainstorm main characters, colors, key scenes, your favorite scenes, objects, or outfits from that movie. Perhaps they would be things you would have to see the movie to understand. File > Place images you find that can help make your design strong.
As you work, take a look at the examples for inspiration. Usually the background is a solid color. If a poster already exists and you still want to do that movie, select different images to use – do not copy! 
Think about having an interesting viewpoint and not showing the “whole” picture.

The Royal Tenenbaums 149ca70d1b04502bcf01616da2ba7a62 disenchantedwonderland.tumblr.com_ 11x17 tumblr_m8wf3sqz2r1qe2w1uo1_1280 f157f058b1843dad3869ccb6cdfb3a8d


Last Workday on our Graphic Self-Portraits. If you are finished, follow the steps to complete upload your project to your blog (Your Blog > Vector Portrait Post)

We will start our second Illustrator Project, Minimal Movie Poster, on Tuesday. If you are finished, you may work on your independent project and brainstorming/researching for our next project.

Welcome Back!

Today will be a workday on our vector self-portraits. We will begin posting our projects onto our blogs tomorrow.

If you are finished (highlights, shadows, details, and background), you may begin your independent project. This is a project(s) you can continue to work on when you finish early. You may draw on illustrator/import a image to recreate. If you want to build on your Illustrator skills, this link takes you to some great tutorials. Browse the pages and find one you would like to learn: