Art Show this Wednesday!

RHS STUDENT ART SHOW11.jpgFree fun, food, music, and coffee bar!


Workday on Semester Test Project

Good Morning! Today will be our first workday on our Semester Test Project. If you have not posted your Geometric project to your blog, you may use some class time today to do so (Geometric projects will be due Friday, May 27th).

By the end of class today, you will have chosen a subject (look on post below for examples), found reference images, and have an idea of the approach you want to take (geometric, portrait pieces, detailed, minimal, etc.).

Semester Test Project

We will have two weeks in class to work on our Semester Test project. You will need to have a concept by the end of class Wednesday, May 18. The goal is to demonstrate what you learned this semester. You get to choose your subject matter and how you will approach creating a Vector image. Here are some examples to get you thinking: Geometric-Style (low-poly) Image, Creative portrait (pieces missing, invented colors, etc.), Infographic, Illustrate (a series) of your favorite quotes/lyrics, Create (a series) of your favorite band/artist posters, Type portrait, etc.