Graphics Syllabus
Semester: Fall 2013
Grade Level: 9 -12
Instructor: Ms. Gaster
Type of Credit Earned: Fine Art or Computer

Course Description:
 Analyze and create graphic designs through computer-based projects utilizing Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Students will incorporate the elements and principles of design into their graphic art.

Course Learning Goals:
Understand and use graphic arts as a means of creative self-expression and interpersonal communication.
Understand the media, techniques and processes used in the production of visual arts and digital media.
Understand the relationship between visual arts (graphic design) and history, culture, and society.
Demonstrate a capacity for critical sensitive response to various visual arts experiences.
Demonstrate planning and organizational skills with materials, supplies and computers/media.

Course Learning Outcomes:
Creation of a digital portfolio of studio work.
Use of problem-solving as a critical thinking process.
Understanding of the uses and purposes of different graphics editing computer applications.
Use of the language of graphics and art through written evaluations and oral presentations.
Understanding of the ethical and social implications of art and technology.

Assessment/Evaluation/Grading Policy:
 Class projects are evaluated by the use of rubrics. Rubrics are scored on the extent to which the following criteria are executed in the finished product:

Content/Subject (10 Points Possible)
Design/Composition (10 Points Possible)
Technique/Craftsmanship (10 Points Possible)
Creativity/Experimentation (10 Points Possible)
Time-Usage/Participation (10 Points Possible)

Scores are calculated into percentages which carry the following grades:
A = 93-100% B = 85 – 92% C = 76 – 84% D = 65 – 75% F = 0 – 64%
Success in this class is dependent on participation and motivation – attendance is crucial. Learning the computer programs takes effort, practice and patience.

Computer Lab/Class Expectations:
- Respect yourself, others, and school property.
- Stay focused on class work. Refrain from playing games or watching videos that are not related to class.
- No food and drink only in sealed containers.
- You may start saving your work and logging out of your computer 2 minutes before bell- remain in your seats until the bell. – Leave the computer lab in better condition than you found it.

Class Supplies:
Students should bring a spiral bound note book to record notes, headphones (optional), flashdrive (optional)


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