Semester Test Project Post

05 Final Project Post

In Illustrator:
Hide your reference image
File > Export your project as a JPEG

On your Blog:
Upload your references image (s) you used on your final project and answer the following questions:
1. What did you choose as your subject?

2. What creative element(s) did you incorporate into your design?
3. Search “Geometric Graphic Design” or “Geometric Graphic” or “low-poly graphic”.  Save and upload a few images you find interesting. For example:ag2.jpeg784da996e287fefe0884889371c3f8e6.jpg


3. Describe the process. How did you start? Were there any challenges along the way? How did you creatively solve them?

4. Describe the end result. What did you learn during this project? You may also write about the semester in general.


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