If you are not yet finished, complete the Mr. Potato Project and follow the directions on the post below to upload your work to your blog. When you are finished, you may spend the class period brainstorming, researching, and sketching for our next project: Minimal movie poster.



Outline for Minimal Poster project:

How will you make it your images minimal? Remember, use a photograph as a reference image – do not simply copy an existing minimal poster.

Dolores_UmbridgeFrance ,chouette harfang ( Bubo scandiacus ), zoo //France ,Snowy Owl ( Bubo scandiacus ) ,zoo

inside_out_-_emotion_poster_collaboration 1240x620-toystory-characters-mrpotatohead TLARGE-Toy-Story-3-Big-Baby9ac0db2d1be27cf827444e310a926a95 nik_donepokemon-minimal-movie-poster-final the-big-bang-theory



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