Welcome Back!

Today we will finish Webquest Part II and publish this first post to our blogs:  https://rooseveltgraphicarts.wordpress.com/projects/graphic-design-webquest/step-2/. We will then begin our first steps in Adobe Illustrator familiarizing ourselves with the workspace and the main tools we will be using this semester.

If you are finished, you can either choose to continue searching various graphic artists, log into your blog and experiment with different themes and explore the layout of wordpress:  https://wordpress.com/ (Remember your login is your email address and your password is Capital first initial, lower case last name and your ID # – example: Bgaster23482), or open Adobe Illustrator and experiment with some different tools.

Graphic Artists: Copy and Paste (Ctrl C, Ctrl V) the name of these graphic artist into google:https://rooseveltgraphicarts.wordpress.com/projects/graphic-artist-presentation/graphic-designer-presentation/ or follow this link and browse through different styles projects.: https://www.behance.net/search?search=adobe+illustrator



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