Pen Tool Practice

Good Morning! Today we begin working with the pen tool. 

Watch the following videos. You can work along with the video. Pen tool tutorials: can also watch Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2 videos found in the Shared > Students > Fine Art > Pen Tool Practice folders. These Pen Tool Games are also helpful:

When you are finished watching tutorials, you may start lessons 5.1 and 5.2. Complete each exercise 2-3 times (on separate layers) until you have mastered it. Tips: Press “P” to deselect, Edit > Undo (or Ctrl + Z) if you made a mistake, and Ctrl + to zoom in and Ctrl – to zoom out.

Complete these steps when starting the exercises: 

  1. Set Fill to None.

fill none

2. Select a Stroke color

stroke color

3. Set your Stroke Weight to 3 pt.

3 pt stroke

4. Click the Layer icon on the bottom right panel  layers

5. Click Add New Layer icon create new layer

6. Name the new Layer “Practice 1 or 2”

practice 1

7. Click the Eye icon to hide “Work on this Layer” and make sure the top layer is highlighted before you start working.


Please Remember: these are graded so save to your Home Folder > Graphic Design.





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