Good Morning!

Today we are going to finish gathering images for our first project: Graphic Design Webquest. Once you finish saving at least 2 images for each category, start browsing different graphic artists and to see the ride range of different styles. Save images from at least 10 of your favorite artists you find:

Copy and Paste (Ctrl C, Ctrl V) the name of these graphic artist into google and save images that are interesting and beautiful to you.

Follow this link and browse through different styles projects. right click and save your favorites as the artist’s name who created them:

Mattis Kun:

Viscera Vicarious:

Chloe Choa:

Ben the Illustrator:

Marcelo Oliveira:78d0c716631376.5603ab4544033.png6445f716575694.5603aa5e63046.png


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