Welcome Back!

For our semester test project, you have the choice between either continuing your Geometric / Low poly images in much greater (pushing your creative element, finishing details, creating a background, etc.) or creating a Band / Artist poster (you choose the style: Minimal poster, geometric, portrait, lines, etc.) which would need to have a subtle texture and include the artist/band name.

4321380bdd640314f9454b977686f260      7e9ca98da948a1f030dd9411287656d0   fb6c5e1cb860d373d5cdf602cc9da0f7american-bison-art-1Picture5bedfbd599c3d3fe9414ebd557352678fa0981be4fcf46e0ef0ac2171ecb86e6df6715f2c1851baa33afac17b364e8626e000cf800f1c86f7bb7b35df9e15f3314550489756_13201d82c71-1d43a95cccc588c00b0da8525a383de2c


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