Posting & Brainstorming Day

Mr. Potato Head Practice will be due this Friday. (You will need at least 10 “pieces” that include a highlight and/or shadow. My example has 10 pieces: nose, 2 eyes, mouth, mustache, arm, shoe, 2 eyebrows, and ear.)



Directions for Posting to your Blog:

  1. When you are finished, make sure all of your layers are visible except for your photograph layer. Go to File>Export. Save your Image as a JPEG. Click Save and then OK. jpeg

  2.  Login to your blog and upload this image on a new post. See see below for posting directions:

  3. Go to and sign in to your blog. Your password is your uppercase first initial, lowercase last name, and ID# (example: Bgaster245942)

  4. Click the ‘Create New Post’ bottom on the top right of your screen. Capture

  5. You can make a Title for your post (ex. Mr. Potato Head)

  6. To add your picture click ‘Add Media’ below the Title and upload the file you saved as a JPEG.  Capture1

  7. When you are finished, click the blue Publish button on the bottom right of your screen.

    When you are finished, you have the rest of class to brainstorm what subjects you want for your Minimal Movie poster. Make a list and start writing down and sketching ideas for subject matter. Think Characters, objects, and key scenes. Spend some time looking through examples: or search online for Minimal movie posters.


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