Welcome Back!

Today we will continue to work on Pen Tool exercises 5.2 and 5.3. If you are finished, you can start a cartoon character of your choice.

  1. Find and save an image of your chosen cartoon character to your home drive.
  2. Open a new Illustrator document (File > New).
  3. File > Place the image on the art board.
  4. Lock this image and Create New layer. Name this layer “Base color”.
  5. Using your pen tool, trace an outline of your character. Mine was the black outline.
  6. Use the eyedropper tool to fill this shape.eye.JPG
  7. Lock and hide this layer.lock.JPG
  8. Create a new layer new layer.JPGand continue tracing different shapes of color. st-birthday-party-the-lion-king-lion-king-lion-king-characters-1446822800kg84nsimba outline.JPGlion2.JPGlion3lion4

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