Welcome Back!

Today we will continue to work on the Pen Tool Exercises. These can be found in the folder: Shared > Students > Fine Art > Pen Tool Practice. We will work on exercises 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 today and Tuesday. Remember: Complete each exercise 2-3 times (on separate layers) until your have mastered it.

Complete these steps when starting the exercises: 

  1. Set Fill to None.

fill none

2. Select a Stroke color

stroke color

3. Set your Stroke Weight to 3 pt.

3 pt stroke

4. Click the Layer icon on the bottom right panel  layers

5. Click Add New Layer icon create new layer

6. Name the new Layer “Practice 1 or 2”

practice 1

7. Click the Eye icon to hide “Work on this Layer” and make sure the top layer is highlighted before you start working.


IF you finish 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 three times each, you can work on  Dinosaur, Hot Air Balloon, Mason Jar, Hand, or Horse (these are found in the same folder as the exercises).

Please Remember: these are graded so save to your Home Folder > Graphic Design.  Ask your classmates if you need assistance.

If you still have not finished the Tools Panel worksheet or the “What is Illustrator” worksheet, make sure to do that and turn it in to the substitute teacher. Thank you!


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