Welcome Back!

Part 1: Today is another workday on our Graphic Artist Presentations. We will be presenting them Next week.

Directions can be found here: https://rooseveltgraphicarts.wordpress.com/projects/graphic-artist-presentation/

The examples of the principles of design (C.R.A.P.) can be found here: https://rooseveltgraphicarts.wordpress.com/projects/graphic-artist-presentation/design-principles/



Part 2: We are going to use the images you collected during the Graphic Design Webquest.

1. In the same PowerPoint file, Create 4 new slides. Title the first: Contrast, the second: Repetition, the third: Alignment, and the fourth: Proximity.
2. Define each term on the appropriate PowerPoint Slide.
3. Browse your collection of images from the Webquest and put them on the slides you feel describes them best. You can gather more images if you feel you need to.


When finished: Save as: Lastnamepresentation to your home folder and grab an Illustrator worksheet from me. Link for worksheet: http://www.vectordiary.com/illustrator/what-is-illustrator/


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